Friday, January 31, 2014


one good thing about living in Louisiana is that if there is any inclination that it will snow, everything shuts down - schools, offices, stores, roads. So the last week, Louisiana, and much of the country, was under severe weather watches concerning snow, sleet, and freezing. I was off of school for three days and the only snow I saw was slabs of ice frozen to cars and dusty ice all over the grass. But no complaints from me on the whole missing school thing - we should make that more regular if you ask me. And we actually did spend some time playing in the "snow"

anyways, one of the days we were off of school just so happened to be my birthday! My roommate and friends surprised me by completely decorating my dorm room with balloons, signs, and tons of sweets! They also surprised me by having my room filled with some of my good friends, waiting there when we got back from dinner. I also got some pretty neat gifts.... they included a Red Velvet chocolate bar. Yes this is a real thing and yes you need one (or 16) of them in your life.

Needless to say, it was one of the best birthdays I've ever had and I am beyond grateful for the beautiful people that I have in my life.

and then we had an exchange on Thursday and so I felt the need to extend my birthday to one more day....don't judge me. The theme was "tropic like it's hawt" and it was so much fun!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

practical madness (noun): the necessary chaos that creates this crazy, beautiful life.

hello all, my name is Anna and this is my blog, practical madness, which is basically the definition of my life - the complete and total craziness that I live. And my own practical madness of a life consists of balancing health, fitness, school, and socializing. I love hanging out with my crazy friends, creating new and healthy recipes, running, new workouts, binge pinning on pinterest and of course, living and loving South Louisiana (sorry not sorry ya'll)

anywhooooooo.... this blog is dedicated to all things good in life - food, fitness, fashion, and fun (I'm also really good at alliterations)